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James Grindstaff, Manager



James Grindstaff   “I have worked in the HVAC industry for 18 years and with  Environmental Services since 2002. I have been entrusted with the Installation/Construction Division for Environmental Services. Through my career I have been involved with all areas of the HVAC Industry, therefore, giving me a working knowledge of all types of HVAC systems, Controls, Designs, Installation Practices and Codes. I am involved with the NC DOL Apprentice training committee to help ensure future technicians are properly trained. My commitment to our customers is that we will design and /or install a system that works to meet your needs, budget and schedule.”

We offer a wide range of Installation/Construction services. Everything from design build to plan and spec, equipment change outs to retrofits. We also provide energy audits, where our engineers survey how much energy you can save by replacing or changing your HVAC systems. We can handle all your HVAC needs from a small unit change out to a complete building design and installation. No customer or project is too big or too small. We treat every customer and every job with the same professionalism. Give us a chance to work with you and you will see for yourself; we are not like every other company out there. We are as unique as you are.


Our technicians are committed to a continuing education program to ensure that our New Construction Team can provide the highest level of installation.

Environmental Services is Committed To
  • Total Customer Satisfaction.
  • Professional installers performing professional installations.
  • Project management.
  • Quality workmanship.

"We have worked with Environmental Services for nearly 20 years. Over that period, they have maintained a very high level of reliability, professionalism and knowledge, while at the same time doing so at a reasonable cost. In fact, of all the vendors, both mechanical and otherwise, that we have worked with, they are the only one that has maintained such


Milton Silver 

Silver Investments Limited