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David Bowles, CEO/Owner



David Bowles   When I started this company on April Fools Day in 1985, I made a commitment to myself that there was nothing foolish about what I was setting out to accomplish. I wanted to provide the best HVAC services in Charlotte. This continues to be my business plan today - to have the technical expertise and the customer service experience that will consistently exceed your expectations. I believe that my staff and I are the most highly qualified service technicians in the area and I am certain that we will work harder than any other service company to make sure that you are satisfied. If you're happy, then we're happy too!”

David founded Environmental Services of Charlotte, Inc. April 1, 1985, with one goal in mind. To provide the best HVAC service in Charlotte. He coupled this with a business plan to provide quality service at competitive prices, to stand behind all work performed by Environmental Services of Charlotte, Inc. and to hire top-notch service technicians. David is one of the Charlotte areas highest qualified service technicians and understands all aspects of the HVAC industry. David has surrounded himself with the best qualified staff in order to expand Environmental Services of Charlotte, Inc. into a multi-million dollar a year company, while providing Charlotte’s premiere HVAC service. David remains a 'hands-on' manager, still wearing a uniform and on service calls whenever needed. David is personally involved in every contract. He expects excellence from his technicians and complete satisfaction from his customers. He stands by his word.

Environmental Services is Committed To
  • Total Customer Satisfaction.
  • Professional installers performing professional installations.
  • Project management.
  • Quality workmanship.

“For over 10 years Environmental Services has been an invaluable resource to us in our HVAC maintenance program. They have demonstrated an ability to understand and respond to the varied needs of our daily Property Operations.”

Ian Bruce
Merrifield Partners, LLC