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  Proactive vs. Reactive

Proactive vs. Reactive

When it comes to your HVAC system, is there ever a convenient time for it to stop working?

Of course not!

If there was a way to reduce unwanted system downtime and increase your energy efficiency, wouldn’t you like to at least consider the options?

Of course you would and you owe it to yourself to consider this:

Infrared overheating bearingReactive repair, due to labor, equipment replacement, and downtime, costs three to five times as much as proactive maintenance. Properly maintained equipment adds even more savings from reduced energy consumption. Worn bearings, misaligned shafts, clogged filters, or high resistance connections are just some of the items that contribute to your equipment’s inefficiency. It’s a fact that poorly-maintained equipment requires more energy to function. Translation: It’s costing you money!

Practically every facility can reduce its energy consumption. So why aren’t more doing it? When energy prices were low, so was the priority for saving energy. Now with energy costs skyrocketing, you can’t afford not to reduce consumption! So where do you start?

You start with a Proactive Maintenance Plan with Environmental Services of Charlotte.

Environmental Services of Charlotte’s core business is Proactive Maintenance. For over 24 years we have been helping our clients save money and reduce downtime by keeping their HVAC equipment running at peak performance. Our maintenance plans are customized and tailored to your needs. Call us today so we can show you how we can help save you money by being proactive! (704) 596-7986 or (800) 596-9886.